You've Waited All Your Life for This: Avoiding the Non-Financial Pitfalls of Retirement

Starting off 2019 here at Mackey Advisors™, we have already had numerous discussions with folks planning to retire at a date in the not too distant future.  Would it surprise you to hear that every day, 10,000 boomers turn 65 in this country?  Many of those folks have worked and saved for years in order to enjoy a whole new life called “retirement” after that 65th birthday.  Unfortunately, all too often the ride into the sunset becomes a drive off a cliff even if they have prepared themselves to have a financially successful retirement.

The missing component is time spent identifying and exploring important questions that are best addressed with some pre-planning.  Things like:

“How do I spend my time?”

“How do I measure my worth to my family?”

“What do I do when I get up in the morning?”

The folks at have put together an excellent piece I wanted to pass along for you or someone out there you may know who’s retirement date is looming or perhaps who’s retirement has been less than satisfying.