Matt's Monthly Money Must Do's | September 2018

I was reviewing one of my favorite sites that lists when things are on deepest discount.  They showed their September deals and a funny item appeared on the list: Blu-Ray Player.  Those are still a thing?  Anyway, going to keep it simple for September...

Pay quarterly taxes

The IRS and various state governments collect taxes based on the pay as you go system.  As you earn income, part of it should be sent to the government to cover what your tax liability is.  Those with self-employment income, variable income, etc. should be making quarterly payments to limit the chance of underpaying throughout the year. 

Review your benefits

Nothing screams fall like pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patch visits, football, and, of course, annual enrollment.  A lot of people are on autopilot and select the same benefits they have used in the prior years.  However, it wouldn’t hurt to take 15 minutes to think about any life events that may require an update to your benefits.  If you had a kid, health-scare, job change, etc., it would be wise to see if any of the offerings are better suited for you.

Find a financial book to read

For some people, finding a financial book to ready can be incredibly difficult.  Most people assume it is always about investing, specifically momentum trading, value investing, etc.  It doesn’t have to be!  They can be about mindset, history, fiction, etc.  A lot of fiction can teach you about finances, you just have to understand the metaphors.  Go through the classics like Pride & Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, etc.

Remember, keep it simple in September!