Matt's Money Must-Do's | February 2018

February…Love is in the air, everywhere I look around…

February is probably the least appropriate month for Valentine’s day.  It is cold, dark, and gray.  What is romantic about that?  “Honey, let’s bundle up, brave the wet cold, and find a busy restaurant where people are talking loudly.

Money Date

Instead of wasting your valuable time going on a forced romantic date, why not have a more productive money date.  Avoid the Valentine’s day crowds and go on the first or last weekend of the month to a quiet restaurant.  Heck, you could even accomplish this at home with a nice bottle of wine.   These don’t need to be a burden or difficult.  They may involve credit card statements, investment statements, or just a general idea of what you are hoping to accomplish over the next year.  There is no set formula for how it should work.


Instead of buying your significant other flowers, you can create a money flower with the dollar bills you have.  I specifically make a point of scrounging up a dollar every day for 12 days so I can make a whole bouquet.  Learn more here:

Gather your tax information

Most providers have already issued the tax documentation required to get your tax prepared.  I know this is really romantic!  At Mackey Advisors, we offer a tax organizer that allows you to organize your income, adjustments, deductions, payments, etc.  Simply use the organizer to help your preparer efficiently get your taxes completed.  As a Mackey Advisor client, you are always welcome to have a Valentine’s day treat of some chocolate at Lisa’s desk.

Let’s make February practically romantic again!  Nothing is more attractive than a moneydate with your spouse where you provide him or her a money flower.  If you end up not being able to do those, at least help your preparer out and get some Chocolate on us!